Jeffrey Tobias “Jeff” Winger is a grad of Greendale Community College, who was once a practicing attorney-at-law. He was raised in Denver, Colorado to his Father William Winger and mother Doreen Winger née Fitzgerald. His father separated his mother when he was very tender and later had another boy named Willy Jr., who is Jeff’s half-brother. As an adult, Jeff matured into a very successful defense attorney practicing in DUI/DWAI/DUID cases, traffic offenses, and juvenile offenses for over six years. He operated for a law firm called Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin that was established by Ted. At work, he was frequently partnered with another lawyer identified as Mark, and the two were known as “Tango & Cash” respectively. A drunk driving case Jeff worked included a Psychology Professor named Ian Duncan with whom he ultimately became good friends with. At the height of his authority at the firm, Jeff’s false academic credentials were exposed by a partner of his named Alan Conner. Jeff was instantly disbarred with his license suspended until he merited a legitimate degree. For four cycles he went to Greendale with this purpose in mind. During this time, he grew close friends with a study group he formed. After having obtained an Associates degree in Education, he briefly returned to exercising law and unsuccessfully started his private law firm. Once it folded, he retired to Greendale where he received a job as a Law professor. He was also joined with his study group and joined a special “Save Greendale Committee” to enhance campus life.

“I’m no sociopath. I always know what I’m doing is wrong. I’m just a guy that doesn’t like taking tests, doing work, and getting yelled at. So if you think about it, I’m the sanest person here. ”
–Jeff, “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps.”

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