Childish Tycoon

The adventures of the Gambino also known as the childish tycoon names Troy Barnes has become something of interest to me over the many seasons of Community. Troy (along with Pierce, Shirley and Annie), is invited by Abed to join Jeff and Britta in a Spanish study group. When it’s learned that Jeff lied regarding being a Spanish instructor, the rest of the study group throws him out. When Troy including the others later discover Jeff discouraged on the steps of the building, they all took pity him and welcomed him back. Troy and Abed soon become fast friends, and a full-blown bromance develops. He also converts more useful thing associated with college life and abandons his varsity jacket along with his jock reasoning. He also employed the year oblivious to Annie’s obvious school girl crush on him until he was made cognizant of it by Jeff and Britta. When he supports Britta out at her dancing recital, it deposits the seeds for future expansions between them. A meeting with Jerry, the custodian, makes Troy informed of the exceptional repairer skills he possesses. At the conclusion of the semester, his father kicks him out of the house to create room for his incredibly younger girlfriend. Troy attempts to move in with Abed in his dorm room but is told by his friend that living collectively at this point would put too much of a strain on their friendship. He instead allows a previous offer he got from Pierce and moves into his estate with him with the help of Troy and the study group are surprisingly reassembled with Jeff for another year at Greendale Community College.

They all re-enroll at the institution after Jeff joins the staff as the new law professor. At Abed’s persistence, Troy, Annie, Shirley and Britta take a Nicolas Cage-themed media studies course taught by Professor Sean Garrity. Troy and the demise of the group also form a teacher/student alliance called the “Save Greendale Committee.” When the Ass Crack Bandit resurfaces, Troy suits one of his victims and is traumatized by the conflict. When Star-Burns admits to the offense, Troy faces him at a press conference and slaps him, although it is later exposed that Star-Burns is not responsible. Soon after, Shirley finds out that Pierce has died, and Troy and the group attend his funeral. A man called Mr. Stone takes out Pierce’s will and asks them to participate in a private inquest which presents them eligible for a share of Pierce’s estate. After the inquest is done, Troy is revealed to have gotten all of Pierce’s shares of Hawthorne Wipes worth over 14 million dollars. The only requirement is that Troy accept the challenge of sailing around the world. Before Troy embarks on his trip, Abed hosts a campus wide game of “Hot Lava” in his honor. Troy and Abed enjoy one last experience at school and, thanks to Britta’s persistence, admit how much they will miss each other. Once the game is over, a rig hauling Pierce’s sailing vessel “The Childish Tycoon”, along with co-anchor LeVar Burton, comes to pick Troy up. Troy says farewell to everyone and climbs aboard, sharing one last look with Abed as he leaves. Sometime after their campaign started, it was reported that LeVar Burton and his “non-celebrity companion” were captured by pirates off the Gulf of Mexico.

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