Alex Osbourne, more ordinarily known as simply “Star-Burns” is a mature student at Greendale Community College known for his star-shaped sideburns he shaved to look like stars. Though he appreciates the recognition he receives because of them, he despises the nickname that comes along with it. He maintains on being called his real name “Alex” but contradictorily declines to shave his distinctive sideburns. Over the years, he has continually tried to forge another identity beyond his facial topiary. This entailed wearing a top hat in his subsequent year at school and later adding his pet iguana in his third year to his ensemble. A somewhat shady character, he is shown to be a thief, a drug user and also a drug dealer. He was already wedded to a woman called Magda and has a son, presumably from that union, who appears to be a respectable business person. His first appearance was in the Season One episode “Spanish 101”. Actor/comedy writer describe him and consulting producer of the show Dino Stamatopoulos.
Star-Burns seems to have a tense relationship among the study group. He and Jeff Winger, indistinct, appear to have some sort of rivalry, both describing the other as a “douchebag”, likely owed to his ogling of Annie Edison. In Anthropology class, Star-Burns remembers about the incident in which the study group went on a rafting trip, and how pleasant it was to have a class, not regarding them. The study group ousts him from his job as a chicken fry-cook during “Contemporary American Poultry.” In spite of all that, he and Pierce seem to be friends, trading drugs in “Intro to Statistics” and teaming up together during “Modern Warfare”. During this time we see a variety of different mobile phones which get destroyed cause of the shenanigans being done so a company like would be appreciated.

Childish Tycoon

The adventures of the Gambino also known as the childish tycoon names Troy Barnes has become something of interest to me over the many seasons of Community. Troy (along with Pierce, Shirley and Annie), is invited by Abed to join Jeff and Britta in a Spanish study group. When it’s learned that Jeff lied regarding being a Spanish instructor, the rest of the study group throws him out. When Troy including the others later discover Jeff discouraged on the steps of the building, they all took pity him and welcomed him back. Troy and Abed soon become fast friends, and a full-blown bromance develops. He also converts more useful thing associated with college life and abandons his varsity jacket along with his jock reasoning. He also employed the year oblivious to Annie’s obvious school girl crush on him until he was made cognizant of it by Jeff and Britta. When he supports Britta out at her dancing recital, it deposits the seeds for future expansions between them. A meeting with Jerry, the custodian, makes Troy informed of the exceptional repairer skills he possesses. At the conclusion of the semester, his father kicks him out of the house to create room for his incredibly younger girlfriend. Troy attempts to move in with Abed in his dorm room but is told by his friend that living collectively at this point would put too much of a strain on their friendship. He instead allows a previous offer he got from Pierce and moves into his estate with him with the help of Troy and the study group are surprisingly reassembled with Jeff for another year at Greendale Community College.



Jeffrey Tobias “Jeff” Winger is a grad of Greendale Community College, who was once a practicing attorney-at-law. He was raised in Denver, Colorado to his Father William Winger and mother Doreen Winger née Fitzgerald. His father separated his mother when he was very tender and later had another boy named Willy Jr., who is Jeff’s half-brother. As an adult, Jeff matured into a very successful defense attorney practicing in DUI/DWAI/DUID cases, traffic offenses, and juvenile offenses for over six years. He operated for a law firm called Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin that was established by Ted. At work, he was frequently partnered with another lawyer identified as Mark, and the two were known as “Tango & Cash” respectively. A drunk driving case Jeff worked included a Psychology Professor named Ian Duncan with whom he ultimately became good friends with.


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It’s part way into the first week of courses for Greendale Community College’s 2009 fall term. The Dean, Craig Pelton, is seeking to give an inspirational speech while greeting the new freshmen but ends up failing poorly. In the distance, Jeff Winger sees the train wreck while trying to overlook another student called Abed Nadir. Abed is in the middle of discussing Jeff his life story when he cuts him off. Jeff asks him for a report on a female classmate he saw in the Spanish class they both take. Abed notifies him that her name is Britta and quickly begins to rattle off various facts about her. Surprised, Jeff Thanks, Abed before going off to meet an old friend of his, Educator Ian Duncan. Jeff Winger is disbarred and ceased from his law firm when it is realized that he lied about owning a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. This leaves him with no option but to register at Greendale Community College to receive a legitimate degree. Jeff immediately becomes attracted to his activist classmate, Britta Perry, and plans to run a study group to spend time with her. Nevertheless, his intentions go awry when she invites Abed Nadir, a pop culture-loving nerd, who commands other classmates along Shirley Bennett, a Christian single mother, naïve over-achiever Annie Edison, ex-high school football star Troy Barnes, and retired millionaire Pierce Hawthorne. Despite their dissimilarities, the group soon become close friends. While taking select groups together term after semester, the group members are often lined into helping the college’s flashy Dean, Craig Pelton, in his projects to make the school appear more reputable, as well as the must to deal with the antics of their unhinged teacher Ben Chang.

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