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In leveraging my digital media skills and public relations experience, I am exploring new career opportunities with a progressive and dynamic organization.


Over five years as a digital media professional.

Experience in supporting the entertainment, natural health and public relations industries.

Empower individuals to embrace digital media to promote personal image and branding.

Work with small medium enterprises and corporations to strategically leverage digital space for corporate messaging, promotion and positioning of products solutions and services.

Writing Samples

Warner Bros. Should Fund the "Veronica Mars" Film, Not Fans
Featured on the home page of and the TV section of


The Music of "Modern Family": An Interview With Gabriel Mann
Featured in the TV section of


Green Lantern, Hornet and Arrow: Canadians Make Great Super Heroes
Featured on the home page of

Web Sites


"I'm so glad you're on my team to take care of this stuff!" - Melanie Nicholls-King, Actor


"The site is fantastic. So clean and simple. Easy to use and I can use it on my iPad which I appreciate. Thank you for that." - Christopher Heyerdahl, Actor

"Hey lady!! Just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you're doing on my website! Am so happy!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU" - Elyse Levesque, Actor


"Big thanks to Aviva for the wonderful management and guidance of the site and for basically being my translator and guide in the giant world of mysterious web-lingo." - Michelle Bandach, Designer


"Aviva, your willingness to always pitch in and help is something that I neglected to mention and in the spirit of happiness, I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful and grateful for your weekly emails that always offer additional help with our busy workloads!" - Lisa J., Genuine Health Manager


"Thank you so much in advance for all your amazing hard work. You are a rockstar of the Internet!! -- You are clearly a very organized, creative and steadfast person. Anyone would be very lucky to hire you." - Caterina Scorsone, Actor


"Aviva, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Ganz and the team. You have led by example and shown what being a true team player is all about." - Deen M., Ganz Chat Room Manager


"Hi Aviva, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck wherever you are headed and to thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication. You really have been a major team player and set a great example for everyone to follow. Thanks for all your help and for a solid and consistent performance in your role here. I'm sure you will succeed in all your future endeavours as you trudge the road to happy destiny. You will be missed!" - Damian W., Ganz Law Clerk


"I wanted to say it [the website] is breathtaking. You have completely outdone yourself. It is so beautiful, contemporary, ...amazing... I just knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until I told you how incredible it is and how deeply grateful I am." - Caterina Scorsone


"We are getting amazing reviews on the site and lots of fall bookings!!!!! Thank you so much." Pat Sniderman, Log Haven


"Your clips are the first thing I have seen of my performances on either of these shows. You did a great job...You know, from a PR perspective which ones would make people think...hmmm...very cast-able. Thank you again. You are a star and a super talented lady." - Caterina Scorsone


"Site looks awesome! and you're awesome for keeping it so up to date!" - Alex Appel, actress

"I am pleased to say that Aviva presents professionally in every regard. She is courteous, prompt and accommodating, while being clear and direct about her in-scope and out-of-scope boundaries...I believe that serendipity is playing a huge role in our professional relationship, because Aviva and I are in sync in our approach to this [web design] project." - Marguerite Martindale


"You are the best PR girl around!! love ya & thanks for all of your support at the office & at our "that PR thing" events!" - Danielle Iversen, President of that PR thing


"Hi Aviva, thanks for doing such a great job during your time with us - your assistance was invaluable. I wish you lots of luck with your future career!" - Canwest Vice President of Corporate Communications


"Thank you, Aviva. You did a fabulous job on this. We appreciate your hard work. I heard the CFRB interview – it was great. Very good exposure for and NP in general. Thanks for all of your work on this." - National Post Director of Promotions

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